The Future is ART

The factory is gone

Long live the Artists

The factory F’d us up!

In all of humanity education and growth and accomplishment was anchored to ART

The Industrial Age destroyed that

It restructured the educational system

It left us where we are today

It’s why to be Bold you cannot go to your father, uncle , grandfather – see they all worked in the “factory”

It’s not their faults

It was Safe

It was secure

You worked hard 

You punched the clock

You did not make waves

You didn’t question authority

You were paid

You said thank you

Occasionally you were scorned and cowered back to you space

You enjoyed family 

T.G.I.F and all the grind

You didn’t enjoy it however that was not a option

To demand more meant you were unrealistic

You simply bought in beacuse it was all we knew

I’ve lived it

Times have changed and the matrix is imploding

The factory is DEAD


Teach you kids to be creative

Teach you kids to embrace the ART

Teach you kids they might fail, pop on a band aid it’s ok 

Teach your kids they will survive 

Teach your kids to keep that twinkle in their eye

Tech you kids that everyday is a gift

Open it and share it

Or leave it unopened or discarded








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