Oh to the over planning- paralyzed 


24 hours in a day

24 hours to do something 

Advance? Gain knowledge , help the cause, be bold

Freeze in fear and complacency- no nothing, sit still, fall behind, let yourself and all of us depending on your work down. 

Each morning poses new challenges to #Levelup

Are you worried you might fail? 

Are you worried you might not be popular?

Are you worried by worrying?

I have been battling these demons, this dragon, the lizard brain my entire life. 

Lost most

Won a few

We all are in the same boat. 

Embrace your uniqueness 

Reject Ubiquity. 

Make a ruckus 

At the end of each day ask yourself in the mirror 

“Win or lose, did I leap at all today and isn’t the fear worse the the flop” it always is I a, learning

Time for me to level up my game






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