Tell me baby, What’s your story?!….

“Chitty, Chitty, baby

When your nose is in the nitty gritty

Life could be a little sweet

But life could be a little shitty

What a pity

Boston and a Kansas City

Looking for a hundred

But your only ever found a Fitty”

**Chili Peppers

What matters to you? What drives your passion?

Tell me baby- what’s your story?


Be Remarkable ( the statement that best attaches itself to my decision making as a entrepreneur , a visionary and ultimately a consumer) is about precisely this. It’s is not simply a catchy and inspirational phrase. It is attached to a Standard of Excellence that is a expectation. 

Too often I am utterly disappointed by “un invested” and ” unattached” products and associated visions which prove to be nothing more than in essence shortcuts to appeal to the passionate Tribes and our causes. 

Be Remarkable – being remarkable means having a a story you are willing to suffer for. 

Be Reamarkable – here is the tough one. Being remarkable means acknowledging and embracing evolution and the simple truth that it may eventually COST YOU! 

It means being Kool with these two facts!  In my prior blog I defended my old brand, the Q , the category leader. I however only did so because no one yet has stood up in a forward thinking manner to EVOLVE the category. 

Forgery, copying might be a form of flattery to some but to me with the horrid integrity of those I see jumping into the Fit Food / protein bar pool it’s a swamp not a pool. It’s unimpressive and unremarkable. Period. 

But evolution does not have to cost a Remarkable brand or vision. Embrace the fringes, dig deeper, Evolvution to me was all about MORE DETAIL NOT MORE AUDIENCE OR CHANNELS ( as the sales execs like to say). 

This is the rationale behind

It’s absolute TRUTH. There are not shortcuts because that’s what we agreed upon from the first conversation. 

What it creates at times is some internal friction- and external friction. How you might be asking? Ok I’ll illuminate😊:

1-  BHU Bars are at the upper end of the price range – you truly get the sum of the absolute best ingredients on the planet- price never being a factor- EVER.  Also you receive the levels of transparency, sustainability and purity that are properly validated not by some random claim or strip mall certifying entity but only through organizations we all trust. 

Telling me on a label “Made with gluten free ingredients” or “non gmo” means Zilch to me and should mean zilch to you. We are proud to wave the reassurance we know our TRIBE really wants and will pay a bit more for. 

2-BHU Bars are made FRESH, not stockpiled so sometimes as we grow is challenging keeping up with such rapid growth- that’s a great problem however at times you all may need that Peanut butter chocolate chip NOW! we get it! We do  however we promise to always create every BHU Foods product with the same energy and Passion we do today. Even if at times we are not as fast as the factories of contract manufactured ” silly putty bars” as we like to call them.  

3- BHU Bars are Food and packed with KETO diet friendly Fats! All sustainable, organic and delicious! I heard one influencer early on comment we were too high in Fat. 

The evolved lifestyle of our TRIBE gets why we create bars with higher levels of healthy Fats and embrace it! 

The battle is with Sugars in all there Forms – and sugar by any name is the enemy folks – just watch @sugarcoated @thatSugarfilm and get a grip on how Sugar is the #1 enemy of us all. Metabolic Assasin! 

As I end this post I ask for comments and have a big collaborative project that I will be laying out and need any and all feedback! 
As I close I blacked out the names however many will get who this nut butter is- I think they have good ideas but simply missing the bullseye for people like me. Where are the quality standards on these ingredients.  As a insider I see many cheap cheap shortcuts. It’s the cash grab on a Vegan market that’s longing for a brand to embrace them. 

This brand is NOT. The butters are using multiple sweeteners and quite simply can be better. The copacker knows.  The bars this brand blasts out is BHU Vegans main competitor and really UNINSPIRING. 

– Non certified

– not Keto friendly

– not FOOD

– using Sugar Alcohols ( 2 YUMM) and natural sweeteners (2 Double YUMMM)

I attached a couple pics. Sigh,,,,,






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