KISS…….Keep It Simple Stupid…

So one lesson I have learned and believe highly is the fact that we tend to “over complicate” and move faster, promise more than we optimally should. 

A start up in 2016 ( and I am approached with these wide eyed dreamers daily) are in the more is better mindset, the run before you crawl mentality. Often this going BIG too soon , stretching to wide is a death toll. 
Here is a approach I try to follow in all things I do- KISS:

Simplicity. Being Present. Being Remarkable. Being engaged. 

What is the point of being “Everywhere but nowhere”?

It comes down to what makes us tick. For me it’s all about the Fringe opprotunies. The passion driven. 

If you are a start up 

WHY?! Why are you creating your “art”? – Because it’s in your DNA? Because you want to make a difference? Or simply because you’ve noticed a trend? 

WHY should anyone care? Is what you are creating truly special, Remarkable and something that someone ( your TRIBE) will embrace?

 WHO is your TRIBE?  You are you creating your “art” for?

Once you answer these questions you should be able to see what really matters and who really matters. Then- go there, talk to them and make a difference to people who want to hear what you have to say. 

People who get you 






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