The right FIT

Email is Easy

Email addresses for prospective accounts , buyers and general information are easy to find. 

With literally hundreds  of new brands and products all bombarding the gatekeepers  a couple questions pop into my mind that we should consider before filing in that excel file and or clicking send on that email. 
1. With all the submissions within our category – WHY should this buyer choose you- put yourself in the buyer/ managers position and be honest. Is your product remarkable?
2. Does this account posses the ability to be a dynamic partnership?
3. Does my company have a strategic plan outside of selling onto shelf? Ie to support driving demand – I do NOT mean advertising which is old news. 

Print ad, banner ads etc actually yield very crappy returns but go ahead spend away. 

Maybe if we took a active role in the brand vision of our companies 
Maybe if we objectively looked at the WHY we provide
Maybe if we really cared 
So don’t click send until you Think about it 
Is this the right FIT?






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