Perception. Be all you can be. 

We live in a world where success is measured. 

  • what car do you drive
  • How do you dress for success everyday. 
  • Do you enjoy the finer things in life?

I still remember as a young rep in the field watching in awe as the top rep with the biggest brand rolled into stores in his sparkling corvette, bringing Cuban cigars and living the life of luxury. Guess what? His visits were eagerly anticipated. He was no longer one of the doofuses. He was a legend. He was paid accordingly. As Andre Agassi coined ” Image is everything”. Indeed perception is reality and if one wishes to attain the life of a high performance professional , guess what? You have to believe with all your heart and with all your actions that you are already there. 

I want to make the point clear of not encouraging a total attachment to material possessions. Rather a understanding that with the proper mindset anything is attainable. We ourselves are the sole limiting factor. We are all works in progress in what is ultimately a very short life. The goal for me is experiences. Freedom and happiness that comes with it.

The LEAP is the awakening as a friend makes the brilliant analogy of awakening and removing ourselves from the #Matrix

A great book “it’s how you wear your hat” by Frank Sinatra made a great impression on me also. 

You are destined for greatness. You are brilliant. You can achieve your dreams. 

You just need to believe it 






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