Missing the opprotunity….

Now more than ever the opprotunity to achieve greatness is definitely upon us the #passionate #Driven #Entrepeneurs. 

Seth Godin ( the man who has open my personal enlightenment beyond explanation) truly hits home to me and the what exactly I stand for. 

We need to truly “Respect the process” however the process is not what it once was and to us passionate, wide eyed dreamers – Thank Fucking God for that!!

No longer is success controlled by funding.  No, I watch wave after wave of careered executives and the marketing teams associated overspend, fail miserably, make futile and very unimpressive launches and ultimately open wide the doors for the “GOOD GIYS AND GALS” 

– the SMALL 



yes, yes YES! that’s us! 
In my field of innovative sports and health supplementation I find myself today still as passion driven as 21 years ago. I live for the #WIERD the #PURPLE COWS the brands that need to matter. 

The time is here. What I don’t see is a hands on “Boutique” group of Executives that are willing and able to jump in with the passion and understanding to make these artists passions into a vision, a plan and ultimately a reality. 
Sometimes these artists, OFTEN times these creative geniuses need this force and vision to bridge the gap from there visionary inspiration to reality of success. 
Problem is where are they……


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A fashion myself the Anomaly. 20 plus years deeply invested in the pursuit of advanced human performance. 1/2 Strategic Sales and 1/2 Marketing Visionary, 100% Growth Mindset. So whats your Story? It matters!

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