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What I am going to give my opinion on in this post is my opinion and weather you agree or disagree I ask only one thing. That you think about these points and how they relate to your day to day relationships- both personal and professional. 

As a executive in the supplement industry I take my role seriously. I find myself very involved in the success or failure of my brands over the years and the success or failures of the representative teams associated with these brands. That is exactly why I felt the strong need to express my feelings as it relates to most specifically building a brand, and representing brands. 

In my opinion if we conducted our professional relationships as we would conduct a fruitful “social ” life we would waste less time, laugh more, exhibit more value in our relationships, be happier, wealthier and ultimately achieve great success. 

Brands- it is a brands primary responsibility to clearly express its reason for existing, WHY it matters and WHY anyone should give a damn. This is the foundation that any true success must be built upon. It is becoming harder and harder as our industry increases in gross sales year after year. With increased sales come FAKES , FRAUDS and opportunists that build marketing plans and sales strategies on what you the consumer are focused on. The great thing is that to the purist they stand out like a nudist in your supermarket checkout aisle. BOOM and not pretty.

Brands who identify a true WHY also can be more confident that there is a definite consumer who “gets what they are about” in the marketplace. This is also true when selecting a team. I believe brands should seek representatives that are aligned with the”WHY”. I believe especially in this industry it matters to exude that lifestyle and passion for the partners you work with. Ultimately if  you believe passionately in the cause you will work harder, be more confident in the value you offer.Most important perhaps is being more certain and comfortable walking away and not chasing bad relationships and situations for your services ( products). Being comfortable and confident is not being arrogant however it is knowing when to move along. 

Focus on less to achieve more….

Just as it states, I find it best explained in the statement that brands ( and even reps) should really look to stop attempting to be ” everything to everyone” and concentrate on being ” valuable to someone” – someone – those consumers that “get you” on the brand side, those that want to truly partner with you from a retailer side , no matter corporate chain, online retailer, brick & mortar or distribution partner, no matter.

 I have never found that chasing a customer ever provided a long term super success story. Most of the time in fact quite the opposite- I rather felt like that high school kid again with oily skin and self confidence issues doing everything possible to charm and delight the gorgeous classmate who ultimate enjoyed a great prom with someone else while I say at home watching hogans heroes reruns. 😬

So define yourself as a brand or even as a industry representative- find your WHY- what you stand for and the seek not the masses for approval but rather your Tribe that will embrace you. Be passionate. Be focused. Be Remarkable. 
We all have it inside. We all stand for something and guess what? We are never alone- find your Tribe and life and career will be much more enjoyable.

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