Hi friends! This will be a new open book approach to my blog. I am excited to have the chance to and platform to rant and ramble thoughts and experiences here. My only hope is that I can in some way write the occasional thought that might help somebody else. 

I am actually living my dream in that I am lucky to have a career working with what and around those I love. Not through any special design of my own I have been lucky to never attempt to “fit in”. I instead was always more attached to what I love and feel passionately about than what I wanted to do for money. 

Now at 44 I am in a position where hopefully I can pay it forward in my remaining years ( hopefully many many ahead filled with great foods, great books, impactful friends much smarter than I , and many awesome workouts ). 

One thing I say and absolutely mean with all my soul is ” It is our obligation in whatever we do to leave it just a little bit better than we found it”. Yet why is this rule so rarely followed? 

Doing things right is not about contorting to appeal to the masses and fortune associated. Doing things right is about doing  “Great Work” , by doing something for those who need and will benefit. 

Do not try to be everything to everyone ( mass) instead be everything to ( SOMEONE). The internet connects us all so brilliantly that it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves. Ultimately we are not meant to be everything to all. 

Eye opening thought leaders have reinforced this in me to my core.  The credit must go to them and I shall list must read list below as you embark on the road to clarity with me:

1. Derek Sivers- brilliant thought leader I highly recommend searching and reading his blog post “Hell yeah or no” which really makes you think differently about what “work” you accept. 

2. Kevin Kelly- artist who traveled the globe photographing and instrumental in Wired magazine – wrote the first eye opening piece I absorbed and like the matrix , once I swallowed that pill there was no going back. Look up “1000 true fans” this is the piece I really beloved more than any. 

3. Seth Godin- Seth is absolutely captivating as he really brings us back to do more, give more, be more be Remarkable. Be a “Special snowflake” and I agree we All are special snowflakes. I believe any of Seths books are sure to open you to a improved reality. My favorites are “we are all weird” , “Poke the box” , “The Dip” , and most ” Linchpin”.  The dip is unique in that it really opens the fact that some of us are good at taking on jobs or opprotunies however just as important as “starting” is knowing when to “cut and run”. Seth is brilliant. 

4. Austin Kleon- as Austin calls himself ” a artist who draws” I will add Austin is so very much more. “Show your work” is a brilliant and easy and energized read that powers you to rethink creativity and creating great work. 

5. Simon Sinek- Simons TED talk ” Start with WHY” and book are really a call to dig in and do our best to truly tell our story. It’s not for all I warn. In today’s market “start with WHY” only works if your vision and cause and product are true. Luckily for me I have long ago pushed away offers based on money alone. It’s really about integrity and realization that it’s the truthful story that customers ( friends, followers, fans) ultimately seek. 

So here is a start. Day to day topics will be free flowing and I really would appreciate feedback and questions. This blog is not directly associated with my brands even though they exude passion and integrity. I have a weird opinion that all true information created to help others should at all times and always be unbiased. Not for gain. If you maybe agree with me and think of me worthy I’m certain googling me should yield associations 😊.  

Other than that enjoy and thank you for reading this.  I am humbly grateful. Truly. 
Tommaso Mastrocola 







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  1. Martha Chajkowsky Avatar
    Martha Chajkowsky

    Another side of Tommaso illuminated. Great blog…great read.

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