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Well kiddies 2015 good or bad is quickly speeding towards the finish line. Last chance to pull together and rally some last minute accomplishments off of something like that. Well I have enjoyed the absolutely had the best year of my existence. It has been trying at times however so much to be grateful for. 

So as I sit in my den typing away on my IPad in the glow and warmth of our Christmas tree and mantle both gorgeously lit and decorated by my better half I think about the upcoming year , about where I happily stand focused on my career and the opprotunity ahead, on peers I call friends and the ventures several have in our industry and the pride I have for these friends who like me are unwilling to chase a easy dollar at a price of compromising integrity. Win or lose it is truly about doing it right. Proper. 

See our little industry and its meteoric growth is still little. Everyday I see potential that is ultimately shortchanged by lack of passion and integrity. I will go as far to state that in this business passion is integral to doing things right. See if it’s only a business, and if it’s only sales dollars and margin points and the elusive areas of opprotunity that drive you and your strategy eventually you will slip up. You will overlook a ingredient, a segment of “core” consumers , something that will ultimately undermine you. This I can and will provide no recipe for avoidance for. 

In my world you are due payment in full for this fatal error and for misleading those we are here to inspire, empower and assist on there road to there goals. 

What excites me as I type this is the launch of Bhu FIT protein bars and the impact of awesomeness that will accompany this one of a kind brand and vision. 

I have been deeply involved in a Ketogenic Diet and supporting supplement program coupled with a SIMPLICITY resistance program to achieve maximum results in Fat Loss as well as optimal overall health and vitality. This I mention as I will be gearing much of what I write towards blazing a trail that you are welcome to follow. I will talk about Food items, supplements as well that are “best in class” as I find them. I do believe that it really is our conscious reponsibility to not only be ethical and transparent in our direction, innovation and integrity but I also strongly believe in the way we help those we see around us doing it right and providing great products as well. Sort of a league of innovative Integrity. Haha! 

I hope you all take the time to check out the first launch of #BhuFIT bars and try them and ultimately love them. I won’t lie. It’s not my style or anyone I work along sides style either. These bars are not only great tasting and clearly from the best ingredients bar none, they also will blow you away with the care and honest transparency for every single ingredient. Most importantly they should send you looking at your current protein bar and asking why can’t they do the same. The answer quite honestly is in the statement mentioned early in this post. 

Innovation – passion =shortcuts & overlooking what matters. 

So try one or try all – look on or

Follow the brand on social feeds as well.

On a supplement front a close friend @Superhuman radio is putting his reputation and money where his integrity is and launching what looks to be a truly awesome offering to a commodity filled and protein spike protein powder category. 

Please also check Thriv Protein out and listen to Superhumanradio ( found in ITunes also) for some real world, intelligent Physical culture radio. 

Lastly in this entry I am proudly forging ahead with the team @MyotropicInnovations to bring these ultimate formulations to the active people whom they will impact in amazing way. They are formulated utilizing a often misunderstood Naturopathic  approach which combines real adequate potencies of specific 



– targeted herbs and superfoods

All with the result of providing the body with blocks it needs to do the work. The work of healing or dominating, you decide. 

My team @Myotropicinnvations are looking for great ambassadors to help spread the word and earn some great product and swag- Is that you?! #MYOSTRONG and direct message them @ Myotropicinnovation on IG

Currently I am working alongside @Docrob to develop Myotropic Innovation #Blacklabel geared towards performance. Look for entire posts on these upcoming exciting launches in early 2016. 
Look for my journal posts to my road testing the Ketogenic life coupled with my training Simplicity journal as well. I will set to post on Weds and Sat weekly. Please follow me on Instagram @Romatommaso and if you are intoxicated with passion for all this ramble too , direct message me for opprotunity in helping the cause as a online influencer, sampler, Guinea pig 😊😊
But for now- CIAO






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