Training at 43- A real approach to continued Dominance

I have a lifelong love affair with Iron. Maybe it was in the origins of my induction to physical culture that has made this love absolute and true. Whatever the reason, it is in my blood, in my soul not to go through motion and not to simply show up. My mission has always been and will always be to never stop,never settle and never let anyone or anything shy me away from what matters- to always strive to be a better version of myself Tommaso 2.0. Each morning I look myself in the mirror and know that whatever the day brings I will rise to the challenge. 

I have won physique competitions in multiple classes and at various points of my life- in my twenties, earLy thirties and even at forty. I have competed in sport and even in my forties strive not to match a peer but rather my true peer which is a high level twenty something. 

See, I believe that mentally most of us defeat ourselves. Most of us enjoy misery as company. I hate this notion and all who enjoy a good old ” it’s because I don’t have time” or ” I was like you before I had kids” guess what? I am 43 so shut up! I think in this world of political correctness we have to watch everything we project and be ultra sensitive. I do not. Do you want to be a better version of you? Then seek real professionals- learn from them- empower yourself and then pay it back by doing the same for someone else. See I look around and see much that is wrong and now is not the time. 

Now is the time for a start to yet another chapter of Tommaso 2.0

Now is time as a industry professional to do what I love. To help others. To start off I am extremely blessed with a great family and new little angel who is the light of my life. I really truly have much to be proud of and extremely grateful for. 

So then why the Tommaso 2.0? I’ll tell you why. It’s the realization of new goals- a new goal and the Journey to attain it. 

The goal- I have had a wonderfully hectic start to 2015- career as well as the birth of my peanut 😊. 

That being said I have noticed some issues that have hindered me at 43 ( 27 years training ) 

  1. Recurring minor issues with shoulder area
  2. Issues with adapting diet to non competition diet
  3. Maximizing natural hormone production
  4. Incorporating prehab/ rehab into training structure
  5. Coordinating a satisfying mix of hypertrophy training / strength training and calisthenic work
  6. Creating proper relaxation/ de stressing mediums
  7. Creating time daily to expand knowledge in all areas of interest

These are topics I shall dive into In details one by one but to start off this blog I would like to clarify the Goal

  1. TO BE AT MY ALL TIME BEST IN ABSOLUTE STRENGTH ( measured on the three main powerlifts)
  2. To be at a lean and athletic body weight 
  3. To develop a refined 2.0 diet that incorporates the best of what science has proven – and how it applies to a athlete looking to maximize strength, look virile and rugged and be in optimal health and vitality
  4. To start a YouTube video podcast THE GRIND- hot topics for a better you #GRIND2GREATNESS – this will be a unbiased platform to discuss topics that pertain to creating better versions of ourselves. 

Stay tuned. More coming soon!






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