When did the leaders exit?

I am sitting on a flight back home to my family with much on my mind. Many things trouble me about the supplement industry and yes I will use the blog once more as a medium to levy my opinion, which is fact, which is also once realized very somber.
The “experts” in the health & fitness and natural products industry in 2014 are NOT the passionate, love the industry, doing it right at all costs individuals. Nope, they are simply the people with the biggest wallets. I personally have had the pleasure of being part of several visions that were True in my many years and know they are few and far between.
More often we find copycats, label makers, and cheats.
It breaks my heart to see such junk. Let me list a few :

– window dressing ingredients- c’mon people- all these super pre- intra- post workout products – both powders, and rtds with proprietary blends and what seems hundreds of ingredients. Let me assure you that mr Olympia isn’t relying on this and either is CR7.
These products are not healthy nor are they effective in anything other than beating up ones adrenal glands, digestive system and making some pricy poop.

Protein supplements- do you homework, if it’s price is too good to be true – it is. Even what is “premium” often is pure crap. Again, proprietary blends, protein fractions combined with zero true research behind them. All highly acidic, highly denatured and ineffective. Look to reputable brands using certified grass fed, hormone free ( if dairy) and non GMO or better yet organic if vegan. Also I hate proprietary ( ie scam) products- demand brands that tell you exactly how much of each fraction. I also recommend where available RAW MILK- it’s the best quality, second only to pasture organic whole eggs. Vince Gironda knew in 1950s as did Rheo H Blair all there is to know about performance supplementation. What I intend on doing is developing the protocols they used and testing variants of these protocols on athletes- using myself as a case study.
I will begin this as a personal study and as I work through it I will administer trails on other elite athletes in a attempt to develop the Holy Grail of healthy Sport Enhancement. This is where I am taking my life’s passion ( not consumed with profit , but with integrity).
Do I intend on developing a supplement line – maybe- only if it develops from purely true trails.
This is my mission..this is my passion. I’ll gladly recommend and support those that are doing it right and call out the ones that are not.
This will be fun and I can’t wait to see where this takes us all!







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