GOAL ORIENTED – recipe for success

What separates a highly successful athlete, salesman, individual from the rest? I myself have fallen into this trap. Biting off too much or reaching too far. Do not take what I am saying as a negative or downer in any way whatsoever. Rather what I am saying is only start what you can finish and always have a road map of how you plan to achieve this. Once the motion begins things may change, different scenarios arise – that is life- deal with them one by one- execute- be confident- “what one man can do another an do” period. Live on yes, remember start with you. That is effectively the only person you can change. When you grow- weather it be in sport, fitness, professionally or socially you will attract “like” individuals by your example.
Make yourself someone you would admire. Do things because you realize the greatest change is changing you and in small meaningful increments.
Yes I am planning on attacking some information regarding health& fitness but quite honestly it is boring. Any of us can make a super version of ourselves. Everyone can be of extreme value to those we know, love and even those we simply pass in a days time.
When you look at what real improvement truly is – think about it in this manner. If you simply try and add a rep( of life) a workout you will be a super you.
Do not feed into the pressure to identify with something- CrossFit, paleo, bodybuilder,ect
Why can’t we just live without adding these added stressors? That is my plan. Not always easy. There is so much pressure.

Now I am not saying to go at your goals with no vigor- just the opposite. Be tenacious but be realistic.

With these thoughts in mind I set out myself in being the most vibrant, strong, fit Tommaso I can be.
I start this journey today- I welcome you to join me. Take time to inventory honestly our shortcomings and realistically what we would like our short term goals to be.
For me it is balance- between work and play. Spending the time with those whom matter most.
Also celebrate all we have. It is A tough time we live in, however look around- turn off the phones, tablets.
As I type this I stare off into a beautiful blue sky. I feel a cool summer breeze. I have many things I wish to accomplish and will , but there is nothing wrong with being happy with where we are.

So for the big super duper diet tip of the day. Let’s jumpstart our system!
Start the day with a cleansing approach.

Upon waking prepare 16-20ounces hot filtered water
Let sit 2 minutes
Then add
1 organic lemon juice and pulp
Cheyenne pepper powder ( just a dash)

Drink through a straw and wait 30 minutes before consuming anything- this is my “jumper cables to the liver” immune booster

I recommend at this point to consumer this typical meal outline which follows high enzyme, live , easily digested foods high in nutrients that promote the bodies natural cyclic rhythm of detoxification.

Early am -lemon/ Cheyenne water

1. Poached pastured eggs ( qty up to you)
Ezekiel toast
Raw butter (organic)
Full spectrum enzyme
High efficacy probiotic
High quality minimally processed Fish oil ( love WILEYS finest)

2. Raw veggie juice
I love 2-3x ginger ( super anti inflammatory)

3. Lunch
Big super salad
Remember lots of kale, spinach, tomatoes, cucs, ext
Dressing highest quality extra virgin unfiltered olive oil
Apple cider viniger

Snack. Or pick me up- a nice cafe Americano ( love JOE in rittenhouse )

Dinner- be social- enjoy- just seriously eat local, organic simple foods 🙂

Pre workout- try this Yerba mate- in a gourd cup w bambilla straw. Super boost!!
Post training

Weight training -try Raw choco milk ( local coops)

Endurance – fresh coconut water with some high quality, hormone free, grass fed Whey protein

questions? Please ask. I hope we all empower each other and all Rise Above!








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  1. Danny Lupiani Avatar

    Great tips Tommaso, Ezekiel toast is great as well as the yerba mate! Looking forward to following your blog.

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