PHYSICAL CULTURE 2.0 rebooting the human

I have lived the youth of a typical American boy growing up in the 1980s to a large degree. I am fortunate to of still been part of a action generation and not a disengaged, tech reliant model that I see in 2014. We didn’t play soccer on a game but rather honed our skills on a dusty pitch. Yes I was a skinny youth in perpetual sports motion- only momentarily pausing to report in and each upon dad’s whistle that called me to the family dinner table.
Yes home cooked meals, a dinner table with shared family conversations, these were the foundation of my life. Couple this with the grounding privilege of experiencing life’s stories and experiences through the eyes of some of the most cherished influential people I could ever ask to have , wonderful grand parents and there generation- my great Aunts and Uncles. To me- PRICELESS.
With my father rooted deeply in the old country ways I benefitted in learning throughout my life what being a real gentleman is all about. This is such a missing component in the fabric of society today. It’s more than the machismo, but to downplay that would be a wrong decision. Even when reviewing current mens club sites and publications it is positioned from a very crude platform. Let me state- A REAL MAN IS ALPHA, HAS CLASS AND HOLD OTHERS AS WELL AS HIMSELF IN HIGH RESPECT.
My father to me represents the true vision of what a gentleman should be. Always polished, no matter at work, at play, always look your best because if you don’t then why would anyone take you seriously?
Always forward, honest and even when unpopular strong in defense of his beliefs. This was my role model and for this I am eternally grateful.
This brings me to my vision and exactly what my collaborative group of experts and I plan to do with this platform.
Simply. It is a defining moment at 42 for me personally. I am a direct link to the pure and true Physical Culture of the early century and the over marketed, bloated and unfit culture that exists in 2014. So why you may ask, I would.
The reason is for the reason that is simply- I have been fortunate to have been intimately devoted in my entire life for over 29 years to the pursuit of Physical Culture. I have embraced and studied under the icons of the Golden Era and have competed, failed and succeeded through my efforts. Always giving everything to the cause which for me remains the pursuit of ever evolving both in stature, and in intelligence. Always open to eagerly learn and humbly serve up others with the experiences and knowledge I have so to help them on this path I so passionately love.
I will not candy coat any of my information, this I promise each and every person who takes the time to join the journey with me. I will express opinions that may potentially harm my status as a executive in the natural products industries. So be it. In the end this will be hopefully as fulfilling and enlightening for myself as I hope you many of you. I will discuss topics on nutrition, diet, supplementation and training. I will feature interviews from many many much wiser than I am hope and encourage maximum interaction and engagement from you all. After all, I hope to learn much from you as well.
Humbly always







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